DJ Jez T - Takin 'It To The Floor'

It's In The Mix!

Hi! Welcome to the 'Mixed Up' page where you'll find a range of ever changing Continuous Mixes compiled by DJ Jez T and aimed squarely at the dance floor!

Fire 'em up at your next party! Pump 'em out in the car! Pop on your cans and move to the groove! 

Check 'em out right here...and feel the heat of the beat! 


The Short Six Mix

Get your kicks from this twenty minute mix!

Aya - You're Not The Only One

Physics - Be Sincere

Richard Earnshaw - So High

Miguel Migs - Broken Barriers

Sandy Rivera - Take Away My Pain

Todd Terry - Let It Shine

Your short mix fix is at The Short Six Mix


Spaced Out Coffee Time Indeed

This is the mix with the extra shot hit! Find some moves to the spaced out grooves!  

Nightsource - Don't Ya Wanna

Office Gossip - Into The Light

Cloud - Voyance

Monodeluxe - Start It Up

Crade - Para Fiction

Lstn - Coffee Time

16BL - Rainbows

Modd - Salomeya

Lane 8, Patrick Baker - The One

Martin Roth - Hypno Seq

Fluida - And The Entire Sky

Tim Engelhardt - Isa

Marcus Meinhardt - Beautiful Stranger

The spaced out grooves are at Spaced Out Coffee Time Indeed

The Shattered Dreams Mix

Shift through space and broken beats. Find a nu-disco groove and move with Detroit techno and sheens of electronica 

Putsch 79 - Doin' It

Alexander Robotnick - Disco Action

John Tejada - Reactivation

Aril Brikha - Palma

Aril Brikha - Forever Frost

Vince Watson - Mystical Rhythm

Hiroshi Watanabe - Light To Bright

Skee Mask - Japan Air

DJ Steinfeld - Stargard (Mixed)

Earth Boys - Feel The Rhythm

Matthieu Fauborg - Deepness

Route 8 - Slowly

Go directly to The Shattered Dreams Mix 


Sunrise To Sunset

Let your senses guide you on a trip along the road to free and hip

Groove Armada, Steve Lawler - Time To Put Up

Mr Scruff - Sweetsmoke

Dzihan and Kamien - Satellite Tank

The JuJu Orchestra - Funky Nassau

Rodney Hunter - Balkan Ska

Richard Dorfmeister - Keep On Risin'

Stefan Obermaier - Shishanna

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Substream

Bugs In The Attic - Old Skool Jamz

Glen Underground - Scenic Route

Ron Trent - Jazz Funk Freedom

Ronnie Slaws - Fouk

Borrowed Identity - Addictive

Adryiano - Moccassin Groove

Ricky Razu - Crystal Heights

Trip off to Sunrise To Sunset


Groove Gently Mix

Drift away to the flow of the beat under waves of pulsing rhythm. Experience the Groove Gently Mix right here

Project Pablo - Risk The Rip

DJ Boring - 6am Mimosa

Leon Revol - Good Jack

Zero 7 - Red, Blue And Green

Moon Boots - Red Sky

Criss-Cross - Not A Bit

Chez Moon - Midnight Love

DJ Nature - Loving U More

Fouk - Freebooter

Black Loops - 4 The Lovers

Frits Wentink - Shrewd

Sasha - Rituals


Cool, Clear Cosmos

A vibrant and transcendental mix experience. Slip into the cool of the night and journey on into a cosmic paradise

The Rurals - Beauty Comes From Inside

Petalpusher - Rely On Me

Spiritchaser - Not Far

Phil Kinley - Come Down

Miguel Migs, Aya - The Distance

Coeo - Get Down

Huxley - Elephant

Dosem - Cuts Or Cats

Christoph - The Upside Down

Jeremy Olander - Shuttle

Rodriguez Jr - 1pm Sunrise

Mollono Bass - Hidaou

Monkey Safari - Odyssey

Joachim Pastor - Kenia

Booka Shade - Cyril's Garden

Einmusik - System

Jonas Saalbach - Aerial Perspective

Nick Devon - Overflow


Progressive Beats To Move Your Feet

Crikey! The old boy's headed off to Ibiza and found himself at Pacha...but he couldn't get a pint of Old Thumper at the bar!

John Digweed and Nick Muir - Gridlock

Dave Seaman - Hired State Of Unconsciousness

Jiggler - Impact

Christoph - Prisoner

Hernan Cattaneo - Confession

Nick Warren - Serengeti

Jody Wisternoff - 95

Modd - Solar People

Brian Cid - Allure

East Cafe - No Need To Hide

Sasha - Boileroom

Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go

Protoculture - Cloud Surfing


Bang The Floor...Big Beats!

This one's here to blast your bass bins! No frills...just big solid beats! Kickin'!

Jimpster - Hold My Hand

Crazy P - Future Beat

Session Victim - Stick Together

Borrowed Identity - Feelings For You

Black Loops - Like A Feather

Angelo Ferreri - Because It's For Me

David Penn - Losing You

Miguel Migs - Brand New Day

Kerri Chandler - The Art Of Conversation

Soulsearcher - These Days


Electric Dreams

A very cool mix of electronica fused chill. Enjoy!

Zimmer, Fhin - Lost Your Mind

Oliver - Light Years Away

Cherokee - Take Care Of You

Satin Jackets - Night Keys

Classixx - Right Now

Anoraak - Outcome

Ali Love - Dark Star

Compass Point - Holy Ghost


Chill And Soul

Keepin' it very cool, finding a groove and coming from the soul. A mix to touch your senses.

Satin Jackets - We Can Talk

Miguel Migs - Tonight

Naked Music - Recreation

Blue Six - Aquarian Angel

Chuck Love - Never Forget

Tortured Soul - U Live 2 Far Away

Cool Million - Naughty Girl

The Groove Association - One For The Money